How to set the exact measurement of the plot?

We're using the simplified method to set up the whole project up to scale. To get it right you just need to provide two pieces of information:

  1. where on the picture is the horizon line
  2. adjust the size of the gardener silhouette so that it looks natural on top of your picture

Please follow those steps to adjust the scene: 

  1. Start the application (or start the online version) 
  2. Select Edit->Import background picture... from the menu (in the online version click 'Scenery' icon and choose 'Your image' option). Popup window will appear guiding you through the background import process. 
  3. Click 'Choose image' and select image file from your file system. Once done, click 'Continue'. 
  4. Correct the position of the horizon line if necessary, click 'Continue'. 
  5. On the final screen you will see the silhouette of the gardener. Drag the triangle control beside it to adjust size of the gardener look natural. Click 'Accept' and you're done.
Why did we decided for that solution? Because it is easier and faster. It's not perfectly accurate for sure, but still the growth of the plants also cannot be exactly predicted, so we believe it is good enough.

Also we felt that entering exact dimension, defining shape of the lot etc, focuses the designer too much on the engineering aspect of planning while we wanted to focus more on the creative aspect of planning the general composition.

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